All places have a story behind them. In Rome every corner, every stone can tell you one.

And so it happens that mammarampa has one too and is willing to tell it to you.

Mammarampa was born by three souls, an idea of travel and a movie.

The souls belong to three sisters, roman by birth and by habit, but travelers in turns: cecilia, apparently the wisest, claudia, engineer but you could never guess, and livia, the “little” of the house.

The idea of travel is a shared passion, that has to do with curiosity, desire to learn, pleasure of meeting. And so we thought about the ideal journey that can become “permanent”. How? Through a small activity that gives us the feeling to be always on the move … even if not us but the others are moving! And from the movie we have the name. And all goes into place. Before us and before you all, mammarampa’s stairs were climbed by the Italian actress Anna Magnani, in a scene of the famous movie Mamma Roma by Pierpaolo Pasolini.

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